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meet the owner, coach Bracy

Hello! First off, thank you for checking out the site and taking a look at what we've put together. I played my high school and college sports right here in Tucson and have compiled years of experience in the community as a coach to many of the teams my younger siblings played on (thanks to an age gap of 16 years between my youngest brother and I) and eventually to my three sons who are at various stages in their youth sports careers. I've seen the joy that success on the field can bring, and I've also witnessed dreams coming to life as players I'd coached received scholarships to continue their sports journeys and receive a free education along the way. This landscape has gotten even more competitive in the last couple years as the NCAA has allowed athletes to seek compensation for their name, image, and likeness while they are still in school - something that would likely result in the athletes career being terminated in years past. Finding the right ways to invest in you or your young athlete is paramount in being able to experience results and growth that makes others take notice. 

My passion for working with youth and high school athletes comes from remembering when I was a kid, working in the front yard with my dad, doing what we could with no real resources at our disposal. It wasn't until I ran track as a junior in high school that I begin to fulfill my athletic potential. Within a year I went from slowest skill guy on our football team as the starting QB, to a true dual threat QB and the champion for southern Arizona in the 100-meter, 200-meter sprints as well as the 4x100M and 4x400M relay races. I want to be the resource that I did not have to get kids to that potential NOW so that they can reap the benefits of doing the right work, at that right time. 

See you on the field, Coach Bracy

American Football

is atomic sp just a speed school?

Having expertise in track, baseball and football is one of the things that makes Atomic unique. Curbing the regimen to mimic the movements that are pertinent to the sport the athlete plays. Coupling Speed & Strength with practical 1-on-1 instruction is the only way to see proven results within the sport you play and while there is definitely nothing wrong with being a workout warrior, most of our athletes want to experience success when the lights shine brightest - on game day! As we grow, Atomic will look to add more and more specialists to our staff and as a result offer more specialty services to better serve athletes in our region. One thing is for sure - ATOMIC SPORTS PERFORMANCE IS FAR FROM BEING 'JUST A SPEED SCHOOL'

Active Man

Who is atomic sports performance?

We are a resource for athletes of all shapes, sizes and skill levels to better their performance using a program that is equal parts intense and efficient. The 'atomic' definition seen above is important as it shapes our mission in the community, which is to TEACH our athletes at a granular level how to perform at a high level while caring for their bodies in a way that facilitates growth and stability. While mature, high-level athletes get one version of the program, we are getting microscopic in a different way with the younger athletes - many coaches want to show a client/parent how much they know to build value in their service while we believe in keeping the complex movements far down the priority list behind building muscle while also increasing flexibility and mobility. It has been proven that a stronger athlete is a more explosive athlete, and we aim to ensure that the newly found muscle we pack on is in condition to support a powerful, fast-twitch network of muscles and supporting tissue. In the end, building up our athletes the right way while putting measurable growth on record is all that matters. 


Above all, we strive to impact the athletes we work with to become resistant to the temptations that often lead to an athletes stagnation or regression. A deep understanding of stacking day on top of day on top of day ties right back in to our atomic approach. Hydrogen (2) and oxygen come together to form water, just like Day 1, Day 11 and Day 28 come together to produce incredible results. Any break in that chain of necessary atoms changes that outcome forever. 

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